About us


With our products we don't make compromises. Every bottle is a work of art. It has been filled, labelled and capped by hand. All our products are a result of hard work and devotion. We put our trust in people over machinery because we are convinced that only this way we can be good enough to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

About flavor

When we are talking about flavor we face an infinity of possibilities but also individual preferences. Every one of us has a different taste. So, how can we satisfy all wishes without creating thousands of different products?

We created a number of blends, each different from the other. In their development we gathered all our knowledge and followed the suggestions of our most demanding vapers. Long story short, our concentrates are produced in a way that everybody can easily find their perfect all day vape.  


It is true, this word has a special place in our story since only passion for work is that crucial detail which turns good products into perfection.

We won't waste your time explaining how much we love making our products, just try them and be convinced by yourself.